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Frequently Asked ? !

It’s our Wedding, Can we be sure you'll have our 1st dance request?

No problem, this will be discussed when you book.  In the unlikely event of us not having your choice we would of course purchase a copy.


Can you play requests / can we give you a play list?

Yes, its your special day, we will incorporate songs from your playlist and include special requests if required.


We also encourage guests to make requests throughout the event and we do our best to play these if they are appropriate to the event


Can I be sure you will get everybody dancing?

With our vast collection of music and experience you can be confident that we can 'read the crowd' and play the right music at the right time throughout your event.


We are worried it's going to be too loud !

There is nothing worse than hearing the distorted sound of bass echoing across the hall. Our sound system is powerful but crystal clear and we aim to pitch the volume at the right level.


We have a mixture of young and old.  Can you cater for all ages?

Yes no problem, Nite Train has built its reputation on ensuring that all your guests are musically satisfied.  We guarantee music for all tastes.


What Time will you arrive to set up?

At weddings we can, via prior arrangement, set up in the daytime prior to your wedding, this would be discussed with you on booking.


To ensure your event starts on time we will require adequate access at least Sixty minutes before the agreed start time to set up our equipment, this may need to be increased if there are special circumstances (i.e venue is located on an upper floor). We can discuss all of this at the time of booking. A maximum of sixty minutes should also be allowed for derig’ and vacating the premises at the end of the evening.


What happens if your equipment breaks down?

Please don't worry, all our equipment is regularly serviced and we have backup equipment on hand at all times just in case.


A guest at our party suffers from epilepsy, will your lights affect them?

No problem, We currently do not use strobe lighting.


How many mains sockets do you need?

The client is responsible for the provision of a suitable and safe electricity supply. We require a minimum of two 13-amp mains sockets, but would prefer three sockets. These sockets need to be hard wired and not via an extension lead or trailing sockets.


How do i know your equipment is safe and you are tax registered?

Nite Train holds a PPL, PRS License and has Public / Employers Liability Insurance. However, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the venue is suitably licensed for the event. All Nite Train electrical equipment is PAT tested.

Nite Train Disco is Tax Registered.


Is your set up too big for our venue?

No, the more space we have the more equipment we can put up. For our full set up we need approx 6 metres x 4 metres,but we can easily and effectively adapt to any size required.


Our venue is fitted with smoke detectors and has a noise limiter, how will this affect you?

The Nite Train light show is truly spectacular coupled with our haze machine and lazers,but if your venue has smoke detectors the lazers and lights will still look great so don't worry.


Noise limiters can be an issue if they are set to low (ie 92db). We recommend you check with the venue and ask them to lift the limiters to around 98db in most cases they will be happy to meet your requests.


How far in advance do I need to book?

The short answer is as soon as possible.


Be careful - unlike some other discos 'We Do Not' sub contract work out to other discos and are proud to be the 'Genuine Article' and only run one show. We are currently taking bookings for this year and next year.




To avoid any disappointment reserve your date now !

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